Narender Chandiramani
Narender Chandiramani known in Japan as C. M. Nari
Born in Mumbai in 1954. Finished his graduation in the year 1971. Fluent in six languages English, Japanese with the ability to read & write Katakana & Hiragana Languages, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu and Sindhi. Went to Yokohama, Japan in the year 1972 to work as Assistant Manager for an Import Export Company Exporting Textile material Scarves & General Merchandise. After working for six years was promoted to the post of Managing Director. Served him for 6 Years. He gave me the post of Managing Director. Gradually developed deep knowledge of Japanese culture /Language etc. Along side this since 1978 been investing in India as well with interests in commercial and residential properties.  
Sunny Chandiramani   
Born in Japan in 1983, has lived in both Japan (15 years) and India (14 years) holding a thorough understanding of the Indian and Japanese cultures. He has been travelling to and fro between these countries. He did his primary education in Japan due to which he is conversant in Japanese language as well, after that completed his Management Studies in Mumbai (India), Majoring in Marketing and Finance.
Soon after his graduation he joined National International Private Limited. A 40 year old Japanese trading company engaged in import/export of high – end consumer durables and textiles. Here he was personally in charge of handling day to day transactions with foreign entities.

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