What is Y.E.T?  
  Y.E.T. means Your Ecommerce Turnkey. Y.E.T. is a service(brand) which AAAAA trade provides as a solution to all your online hassles under one roof. Under the Y.E.T. module we provide you below mentioned services:-

·        Y.E.T B2C India
·        Y.E.T B2C Global
·        Y.E.T B2B Global
·        Online promotion etc.
How will your module help me?  
  We will provide you A to Z service and take care of your entire online portfolio, right from stocking your products in our warehouse, managing inventory, uploads with photographs and description, product packaging and dispatch, feedback calls, pre and post sales query, handling returns, preparing various reports(sales, stock and uploads). This also helps you in getting more visibility on the online market and thus increases your brand awareness and brand value.  
Will it increase my sales?  
  With this service we provide you a wider connect and increased exposure in the online market which will open new sales opportunities for your products and can lead to increase in sales number.  
How many portals are you tied up with?  
  We have tied up with 150 + B2C Portals in pan India & in B2B segment we have tied up with 700+ Portals all across the globe.  
Do I need to handle dispatch of my products?  
  No, you need not to handle the dispatch. We provide all the E-commerce services under one roof right from stocking your products in our warehouse to shipping your products with the proper product packaging and handling COD andreturns.  
Who bears the loss for damaged goods?  
  We bear the loss for damaged good only once your goods reaches our warehouse, we will send you confirmation report on goods sent to our warehouse, Also in case of shipping if goods gets damaged in between till it reaches to customer's place we will bear the loss.  
How long it takes for my products to be uploaded and listed on all websites?  
  It would take anywhere between two to three months to upload on all the sites which we have promised you.  
Who will handle any sales query?  
  We have dedicated customer service team to handle all pre and post sales queries.  
How many clients do you cater?  
  We are currently catering to 40+ clients.  
What kind of product categories are you catering as of now?  
  As of now we are catering to clients from various industries like FMCG, Toys, Beauty, Welness, Mobile Accessories,lingerie & more..  
Where is your warehouse?  
  Our warehouse is located at Bhiwandi, and is 6,000 sq.ft.  
How secure are my goods in your warehouse?  
  We have our warehouse insured against fire and theft and we have CC TV installed there with the proper racks loaded.  

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